This site was founded on June 30, 2014 to help share pertinent information about the massive change in our world that wireless communication has brought about.  Most Americans readily embraced the convenience of baby monitors and cordless phones, and the leap from cordless phones to cell phones seemed almost natural. Whether or not these devices posed a health risk wasn’t (and still isn’t) on anyone’s mind.

Then less than a month later (July 9, 2014), a group of physicians in Canada sent out a clarion call to Health Canada requesting that radiofrequency radiation guidelines be established to better protect the public and inform physicians as to the symptoms and proper treatment for EMF (ElectroMagnetic Frequency) illness.

Upon further investigation, I discovered that brilliant scientists had been researching and reporting on this health threat for many years while the rest of us remained blissfully ignorant.

Why are we all so poorly informed about this danger to our well being and the well being of our children?  Answer: the wireless communication industry (like big pharma) has billions of dollars to influence policy makers across the planet. Powerful corporations  bought control of both the US Congress and the network of Federal government agencies decades ago. In addition, the telecom industry (again like big pharma) spends millions on advertising their products in the media. Therefore, the media is beholden to the industry as well.

As a former respiratory therapist I’ve always been concerned about threats to health. And, as a former Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) I’ve been concerned about the well being of children. ElectroMagnetic Radiation poses a serious health threat for all age groups. It is going to up to all of us to limit exposure (for us and our children) to this invisible danger. After all, no one is forcing us to buy and use baby monitors, cell phones, wifi or ipads. And, there are ways to deny consent to smart meter installation.

AL Whitney, Editor

email: nomorecorruption@wowway.com

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